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Anmol Shiksha as the name implies is a precious effort in the field of rural education by its co-founder's, Mr. Arjun Singh Bajwa who is currently pursuing his International Baccalaureate [class-11] from The Doon School, Dehradhun and Miss Sehar Bajwa who is currently pursuing her Urban Planning and Architecture from the College of Arts and Science at New York University [initiated the idea of Anmol Shiksha while pursuing her International Baccalaureate, class 12 from Shri Ram School, Moulsari, Gurgaon]. As co-founders of Anmol Shiksha, it is our vision to provide all children an opportunity to widen their horizons - to create a place, where their bounds of learning aren’t limited by their socio-cultural background or family’s economic status.


Anmol Shiksha through its website www.anmolshiksha.com is an after school, disruptive and scalable learning platform targeted at uplifting rural education. It provides a free of cost download of its well-crafted, customised and organised curriculum, sorted date-wise for the full year. The focus is around four core vectors, namely Moral values, Leadership skills, STEM simplification and Entrepreneurship development taught via hands on learning through practical experiments, role-play and creative thinking methodologies. The goal is to help rural children quickly evolve into level headed individuals capable of making informed decisions and taking on all challenges of life to shape themselves into job creators rather than job seekers. Our pilot project of 60 plus students is already yielding positive results with students displaying great eagerness to learn and a strong will to come to our after school.

Alarming Statistical Data:

Anmol Shiksha aims to address the grave scenario of rural education in India which was recently brought to the furore by the two Times of India front page headlines as well as by the Dropout Study of Punjab:

  1. The Census 2011 report puts the number of children not going to school at 8.4 crore
  2. A joint study by Unesco Institute for Statistics and the Global Education Monitoring Report-2016 has found that 47 million adolescents in India have not progressed to upper secondary school.
  3. Punjab’s Dropout Study, Nov-2009 reflects a 25% drop-out of students at all levels of school.

These statistics are alarming by any yardstick especially if one were to calculate the cumulative socio-economic cost of an uneducated child who will continue to remain a burden on the state. The state education board system is outdated [churning out unemployable youth who lack the essential skillsets] and mere tweaks to the system by any government do little to change things around.

Macro Aim:

The above findings have been the compelling reasons to come forth with an idea like www.anmolshiksha.com to address the situation on the ground by bridging the educational gap of rural students so as to provide a level playing field.

Anmol Shiksha curriculum is a concerted effort customized to suit the needs of these children i.e. filling in the essential knowledge vacuum prevalent in the education system. The underlying aim is to help impart knowledge on the most relevant aspects of life in the most wholesome manner possible, to help rural children become more acceptable citizens of the economy by enabling them to be job creators rather than job seekers and thereby constructively contribute to India’s progress.

Based on 4 pillars:

Anmol Shiksha is a disruptive, scalable, plug and play learning platform that provides easy access to organized and relevant curriculum based around four core vectors namely:

  1. Moral Values: Aims to engrain a strong foundation of moral values and integrity into young minds via play enacting, story narration.
  2. Leadership: All attributes necessary to become a great leader are taught via narration and examples of famous personalities. Physical activity and rural sports are undertaken to build team players.
  3. STEM: Covering the basic concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by providing students a vertical learning initiative through hands on practical experiments and projects.
  4. Entrepreneurship: The culmination of these three vectors will help foster creativity and infuse a financial and business sense in children early on to become job creators rather than job seekers. Students are encouraged to think out of the box to define and undertake real world projects specifically designed to suit all age groups.

Each of these vectors is woven into a well-structured curriculum that builds children’s IQ as well as enhances their EQ and helps them evolve into level headed individuals capable of making informed decisions and taking on all challenges of life.

Practical hands on interactive learning:

Anmol Shiksha, literally translated, ‘Precious Education’ is an incessantly evolving fabrication of ideas and life skills for developing young minds across the country. The whole learning process emanates from the creative and interactive learning experience through hands on experiments, board games, craft and physical activities that teaches children to collaborate and immerse themselves in the joys of learning.

Our Experience: Anmol Shiksha Centre for Learning

The establishment of the ‘Anmol Shiksha Centre for Learning’ [an after school pilot project] in Derabassi, Punjab has been highly successful venture that today boasts of an attendance of over 60 motivated young children [who are already attending government schools], driven by a passion to excel. With self-esteem and confidence riding high there is always a willingness learn and eagerness to come to school. Our performance matrix parameters show a resounding improvement in the overall development and outlook of students at our learning centre.

USP of Anmol Shiksha:

Anmol Shiksha’s DNA lies in its simplicity, scalability, customised and ease of use. It primarily endeavours to reach out its learning initiative to the rural students residing in the hinterland of India who are unemployable and lack the essential skillsets. It aims to fulfil the huge vacuum of knowledge in rural education which continues to remain unaddressed.

Anmol Shiksha is an after school initiative to start with and once it gains traction it is the founder’s ultimate vision to see its acceptability by state governments in incorporating in the regular curriculum of their respective primary schools across the length and breadth of the country. Anmol Shiksha will continue to be a valuable resource to gather the most relevant aspects of learning for all rural students and disseminate the same at no cost at all. It can be taught in any backyard with the required resources all well documented and organized date-wise for the full year for download free of cost. .

Seek Funding from Corporate-CSR Divisions:

Anmol Shiksha is looking for corporate CSR divisions to take a holistic view of our product offering and step in to create a positive social impact on a national level. Private firms and NGOs who are already catering to education projects could easily plug into this platform and absorb a plethora of knowledge from our customised curriculum and experiential interactive teaching methodologies.

In Conclusion:

In keeping with the ethos of our dynamic Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s disruptive path breaking policy change initiatives, Anmol Shiksha will serve to run parallel to our outdated education system and help bridge the urban-rural divide by uplifting the level of rural education and provide a radical shift in the mind-set of our rural youth to become job creators rather than job seekers. The advent of www.anmolshiksha.com will help serve the aggressive Make in India campaign and thereby raise the standard of living of Indian citizens across all sections of society.

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