STEM Simplification 27 Jan 2016
From: To: Duration: Schedule of Activities: Skills Gained: Staff Activity / Instructions:
03:00 pm 05:00 pm 120 45 MINUTES: Teachers to read and discuss the Science Topics: 'Safety and First Aid'; 'Clothes we Wear' in an interactive manner; observing and encouraging participation from all students. |**| 20 MINUTES: Teachers along with senior students to read and discuss STEM stories: and try to relate to the implied science concept. |**| 45 MINUTES: Teachers to open and encourage students to practice the experiment in groups. |**| 10 MINUTES: Break Physics & Biology concepts. Experiential learning on practical projects. Critical observation and analysing. Vertical learning & vocabulary skills. Teachers to read out science chapters and STEM stories in an interactive and particitative manner. Also engage senior students to grow confidence via vertical learning techniques. To DIVIDE the students into balanced groups to undertake science experiments in turn.
05:00 pm 06:00 pm 60 30 MINUTES: Teachers to place Charts 'Road Sign'; 'Aches & Pains' 'Circulatory System' 'Urinary System' on the wall and explain the topics in detail with examples in an interactive manner. |**| 30 MINUTES: Teachers to carry out the MATHS activity 'Making Groups of 10s and 100s with Matchsticks and Rubberbands' and students to form groups to play Board Games . MATHS: Problem solving & practical applicability. BOARD GAMES: Fostering imagination & critical thinking. Teachers to teach maths in a practical manner and ensure students absorb all mathematical concepts. Supervise during playing of Board Game
Total Duration [minutes]: 180 Time of the Class : 03:00 pm   to   06:00 pm
Specific Activity / Materials - Age-Wise:
Handout Board Games and put up the Chatrs on the wall. Distribute Thumb Book: 'Shhh' and all self-reading books from library.
Read-Thumb-Book-3 'Song' - 'Gaana' and identify the core values of Leadership & Life skills.docx
Download Education Chart - 'Road Sign'.pdf
Download Human Body Chart - 'Aches & Pains'.pdf
13 TO 17 YEARS
Put up the Chart on the wall
Download Human Body Chart - 'Circulatory System'.pdf
Download Human Body Chart - 'Urinary System'.pdf
17 YEARS +
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