Moral Values & Leadership 14 Mar 2016
From: To: Duration: Schedule of Activities: Skills Gained: Staff Activity / Instructions:
03:15 pm 05:30 pm 135 STUDENTS to read; rehearse and then enact or narrate moral stories assigned to respective groups: Story No: 60 to 65 from Natik || *** || TEACHERS to narrate and discuss moral stories:'Magarmachh Ke Aansu' Enforce value system and ideas of morality. Also help build self-confidence; team spirit; leadership abilities; public speaking and vocabulary skills. Focus on CONSERVATION as one of the attributes of leadership Engage and assist students in an interactive question answer session. DIVIDE the class into 3 or 4 groups and assign a moral story to each group to read; rehearse and enact/narrate under a chosen leader. Ensure that concepts of ALL moral stories are absorbed.
05:30 pm 06:15 pm 45 CRAFT; DRAWING & DANCING - ->> Mortar development; Hand eye co-ordination; Flair for aesthetics and Fostering a creative bent of mind Encourage student participation with craft activity: 'Vegetable painting' as well as explore creative expressions through dancing and drawings.
Total Duration [minutes]: 180 Time of the Class : 03:15 pm   to   06:15 pm
Specific Activity / Materials - Age-Wise:
TEACHERS TO NARRATE MORAL STORIES BELOW: Also distribute English-Hindi Book: 'Upar Neeche' and ALL self-reading books from library.
Narrate Moral story 'Crocodile Tears-Magarmachh Ke Aansu' & identify values of Life skills.docx
Read 'Up Down-Upar Neeche' and inculcate the usage of English Language.docx
13 TO 17 YEARS
Read 'Towards a Good Life' chapters from library and discuss leadership & character building attributes along with famous personalities.
17 YEARS +
Circulate daily newspapers and download documentary links encouraging students to discuss all socio economic issues of society.
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