Our Vision

At Anmol Shiksha, we believe every child no matter where he/she resides, needs a clear direction and intervention at an early stage so as to optimally utilize his/her time to shape the frontiers challenging the nation. Using collaborative effort of global and local resources and communities, we endeavor to empower value-based education to the under-privileged children in the Indian rural sector. Our innovative teaching techniques through an engaging and creative curriculum will help enrich our students to seek answers from within at an early stage which in turn will inspire them to be compassionate leaders of tomorrow and better prepared to undertake successful entrepreneurial ventures going forward. Since 65% of India’s population resides in the rural sector, our methodologies can be leveraged to impart pioneering education on a pan India basis at the village level. This will ultimately help serve the aggressive Make in India campaign and thereby raise the standard of living of its citizens. Anmol Shiksha strives to create a future where the children of today will be able adults of tomorrow and  metamorph into job creaters not seekers.

Mission Statement

"We endeavour to bring leadership, inspiration and innovation to every child by empowering him/her to develop and create pioneering solutions and to make informed choices that improve their lives and the lives of several others."

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