Our Curriculum - 'The Core'

The design of our curriculum at Anmol Shiksha is the novelty that sets this learning platform apart. It is divided into four vectors, namely, Moral values, Leadership skills, Entrepreneurship development and STEM simplification. The task of breaking up such vast concepts into easily understable and enjoyable segments has been a much daunting one. This is a three hour a day curriculum which focuses on the aforementioned core vectors provides children with reading material, videos, hands on experiments, interactive activities and hand outs on three specific working days of the week to be taught throughout the year. Anyone can start their learning process at any time by simply following the yearly schedule i.e. starting from January. Some basic materials like science experiments, board games and books need to be sources for which we will provide the necessary details.

Anmol Shiksha is a disruptive, scalable, plug and play learning platform that provides easy access to customised, organized and relevant curriculum based around four core vectors namely:

1.   Moral values: Aims to engrain a strong foundation of integrity and sensitivity into young minds via play enacting, story-telling and narration.

2.   Leadership skills: Essential attributes necessary to become a great leader are taught via group discussion, healthy competition and documentaries of inspiring personalities. Physical activity, tasks and sports are undertaken to build team players.

3.   STEM simplification: Covers the basic concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by providing students vertical learning through hands on practical experiments and projects.

4.   Entrepreneurship development: The culmination of Moral Values, Leadership and STEM will help foster creativity and infuse a financial and business sense in children at early age, helping them become job creators rather than job seekers. Students are encouraged to think out of the box, to define and undertake real world projects specifically designed to suit all age groups.

The establishment of the ‘Anmol Shiksha Centre for Learning’ [an after school pilot project] in Derabassi, Punjab has been highly successful venture that today boasts of an attendance of over 60 motivated young children [who are already attending government schools], driven by a passion to excel. With self-esteem and confidence riding high there is always a willingness learn and eagerness to come to school. The prime focus of Anmol Shiksha is on the rural child, who based on our experience requires many layers of basic knowledge to be instilled before he/she embarks on his/her journey of joyful learning.

The Census 2011 report puts the number of children not going to school at 8.4 crore and the dropouts. A joint study by Unesco Institute for Statistics and the Global Education Monitoring Report-2016 has found that 47 million adolescents in India have not progressed to upper secondary school. The low quality of education imparted by our schools and colleges results in our youth being unemployable. This hugely adds to the socio-economic cost of the nation, a figue which has't been calculated so far but would definitely be alarming if an exercise is undertaken. Both these reports endorse the view that the government has to re-boot itself and come up with desperate measures rather than tweaking a lethargic and outdated education system.by simply plugging in a few lacunas in it.

Education is not a button press that the child will catch up on his knowledge after languishing in dormancy for a couple of years. On the contrary a school drop-out or one who has not attened school at all is highly likely to adopt aggressive measures to survive which results in crime and social cost. The burden of non-performance by this sector with each passing day needs to be factored in to arrive at the gravity of the situation. The flip side is this can be done if we forsee the benefits and can quantify the contribution of an educated and employable youth - will require strong and bold leadership and I am 100% confident we have that in our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.

In keeping with the ethos of our dynamic Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s disruptive path breaking policy change initiatives, Anmol Shiksha will serve to run parallel to our outdated education system and help bridge the urban-rural divide by uplifting the level of rural education and provide a radical shift in the mind-set of our rural youth to become job creators rather than job seekers. The advent of www.anmolshiksha.com will help serve the aggressive Make in India campaign and thereby raise the standard of living of Indian citizens across all sections of society..

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