Get You Thinking- The Challenges We Face Today

How grave is the problem with the Indian education system? A simple Google search with “India's education problems” and a plethora of problems throw up, prominent amongst them being:-

Issues We Face:

  • In the mechanical race to achieve ‘schooling for all’ the government seems to have completely missed out on what constitutes ‘learning for all’.
  • High dropout rate due to lack of quality education
  • Different socio-economic opportunities
  • Enrolment plummets from 99% in primary schools to 37% in colleges
  • Education does not build the personality of a child and is irrelevant to the job market
  • Education system promotes a rat race and is percentage biased.
  • No thoughtful distinction between rural and urban schools despite the diversity in the youth

Deficiencies in Schools:

  • Teachers not fully trained nor fully efficient and motivated
  • Lack of infrastructure, no toilets, electricity, drinking water etc. 95% of schools are not yet compliant with the complete set of Right To Education infrastructure indicators
  • Terrible management and organization of schools
  • No flipped classrooms, wherein students view video lectures at home before coming to the classroom for exercises, projects, and discussions as rural youth do not have access to technology
  • Poor global ranking of institutes: Only 4 universities are featured in first 400. This is largely because of high faculty-student ratio and lack of research capacity

Draw-Backs in Curriculum:

  • Entrepreneurship is not recognized as a discipline to encourage risk taking and creativity
  • Education is tied down to bookish knowledge
  • Education is information based rather than knowledge based. The whole focus is on cramming information rather than understanding it and analyzing it
  • Missing Innovation & Creation

Hindrances in Families:

  • Gender issues
  • Family background and support
  • Lack of guidance at home for rural youth
  • Too much pressure on first generation school goers
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